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How can we trust your quality?

    Visiting our factory is a good choice, and the simplest and most effective method is one sample order, knowledge comes from the actual design or products.

What are needed for quotation?

    Your idea is needed for PCB design.Gerber files and technical data are needed for PCB quotation; gerber and BOM are needed for PCBA quotation.

Returns and Exchanges Policy

    If you get your order and find its is not correct or not qualified, then contact us within 30 days and we'll take it back for analysis. Just please be sure that it's still in new or like-new condition.Get in touch with us via phone at 0755-85291801, live chat on our website, or email ([email protected]) and we'll get you taken care of pronto.

What type of materials do you use?

    For PCB our materials varies from KB, SHENGYI, ITEQ, ROGERS to others. For components, we can offer various chips capacitors, resistors, diodes and switches, etc. We cooperate with brands like Murata, KEMET, VISHAY, YAGEO, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, onsemi, DIODES, TI, etc. All of our components are original qualified goods.

Frequently asked questions

That depends on whether or not it has been put into production yet or whether we have purchased components. Please give us a shout here [email protected] contact us and we'll do our best. If the changes are urgent please give us a ring at 0755-85291801.
Just reach out to us here and we'll cancel your order as long as it hasn't been started. If this is an urgent request please reach out to us at +86-0755-23597570-6067.
We can accept TT, Paypal, West Union. You can choose what you prefer.
Yes, we can send you our normal package for your reference, if you do not like it you can mail us your design of package or even tell us your idea about package. We will deliver what you like.
More than likely, yes. You will be responsible for all associated taxes and import duties. Take note that in general UPS charges an additional handling fee for brokering your package through customs. The fees are determined by your local government.
We usually reply within 2 hours if it is our working time, the latest not longer than 24hours for PCB. For PCBA generally within 2 days if components are needed.
We can support 24 hours expedite for 2 layer samples and 48 hours expedite for 4 layer samples (<=0.2sqm), more information for PCB. For PCBA fastest turn is 5 days for sample. please send RFQ.
Yes. Welcome to experience our service and quality.
It is best to provide data in Gerber 274-X format. In addition, Cam350, CAD, +ODB, Protel 99se, PADS, DXP and Eagle can also be processed.For BOM better provide data in xls format.
We have no MOQ, you can release order from 1piece to any pieces which you need.
We use a third-party shipper and always we will ship right after whole order is completed or follow your instructions. Because all of our products are customized, lead times can vary. Unfortunately, we can't give you a definitive time as to when your order will ship, but you can check in with our Customer Service Gurus anytime for a status update. Hop on live chat or give them a call at +86-0755-85291801.
If your order weighs less than 100kg, it will take your order between 3-4 business days to get to you. If your order weighs 100kg or more, it will take 5-6 business days to reach you. If you need a guaranteed delivery date please choose one of our expedited options. Please check with Customer Service if you need Saturday delivery, not all zip codes are eligible.
Of course you can. Tell our sales once you place the order your shipping account then your package will be shipped by your account.
UPS usually needs about 24 hours after their initial scan for things to show up on their website.
If you need a guaranteed delivery date please choose one of our expedited options. Please keep in mind our delivery estimates are given in business days (Monday-Sunday).
We arrange your shipments by UPS, DHL, Fedex commonly or your requested agent or we can arrange sea shipping as per package size.
We offer PCB design, production, component purchase, PCB Assembly, SMD Stencil making services.
We are a PCB and PCBA factory under one roof with factory located in Baoan District, Shenzhen.
Excellent service is what we have been pursuing all these years. During holidays, maybe our production line will stop. But our sales service will work for you still.
We purchase the components from reliable components vendors, such as digikey, mouser, farnell and also corporate with a lot of reliable agents. Customers will get a detailed component quotation with information whether the final components will be original brand or substitute brand.
It maybe true. You know to finish a final project various of components are needed. Some which are produced in China of course we have advantages, while for others especially some advanced chips we need import from other countries with high taxes so it can be more expensive. While judging from total BOM and our low lobor cost on assembly we think we still have big advantages. You can email us BOM to have a try.
This depends on components market, if needs bigger than production then price will increase,vice versa. Components market always changes much more frequently than PCBs. So once you confirmed pls order asap.
We can use X-ray to check if everything was well assembled especially with BGA.
Because when we get a description about a component we can find hundreds of or millions of alternative components. To make sure your components can be useful and right in every position, we need to know the specific part number of each component, if weblink is better!
They are all served for the position and direction of each component. XY Pick and Place, the Designator, helps us to locate the position of every component. Then assembly legend helps us to figure out the direction of components.
Because the whole PCB will undergo in a very high temperature, to insert or mount some special components,The via hole will leak Tin after high temperature, then this component can't insert or mount in the via hole then, this will lead to the fail of assembly.As you know some microchip components are very expensive, this will waste a lot of costs. this is the last we want to see.But when we fill in the resin, it can burden the high temperature and will protect the Tin, so everything will move on perfectly.BTW, for the cost-saving view, if the trace width and trace space are enough, we can move the hole to another position, its cost lower than fill in resin. This is plan B.
All of our components can be reassured that they are origin 100%. We only import from the original manufacturer and work together with the official distributor of origin manufacturer.No Alibaba or another fake one.Then if one component, there is the stock in the distributor, we can ship the stock to you, but if there is no available stock, we need to import the components and do the customs clearance of import, this will take more time and money.