Consignment PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Once you’ve finalized the design of your electronics product, the next step is to create a working prototype and move towards volume production for market launch. This necessitates finding a reliable PCB fabrication and assembly service provider. There are two primary options available, each with its own cost-benefit analysis and associated risks. You can opt for turnkey PCB assembly or consignment PCB assembly.

As a professional PCB manufacturer headquartered in China, we offer consignment PCB assembly services. With years of experience in the industry, we have a strong track record of collaborating with our customers in the creation and production of high-quality PCBs. Our consignment PCB assembly services are facilitated by state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly skilled professionals. We offer customization options to meet specific client requirements, ensuring a swift pathway to market for their products.

Consigned PCB Assembly

A turnkey printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) involves the manufacturer handling all process aspects, from procuring materials to assembly and testing. With consigned PCBA services, the client supplies all the necessary components to the manufacturer. This hybrid model offers benefits to both parties – clients have more flexibility and control in sourcing parts, while manufacturers can focus on efficient assembly with assured component availability. Ultimately, consigned PCB assembly can enable faster turnaround times and better meet the needs of clients, especially those developing circuit board prototypes or other low-volume projects requiring adaptability.

Benefits Of Consignment Assembly

1. Cost Efficiency: In consignment assembly, the client provides the necessary components for the PCB assembly, which can lead to significant cost savings. This is particularly beneficial for companies that have already negotiated lower prices for bulk components or have a surplus of components in inventory.

2. Control Over Component Quality: By supplying their own components, clients have greater control over the quality of the materials used in their PCBs. This is crucial for industries where component quality directly impacts the performance and reliability of the final product, such as in medical devices or aerospace applications.

3. Reduced Lead Times: Since the components are already procured and supplied by the client, the assembly house can start the PCB assembly process immediately upon receiving the components. These specialized machines minimize human error, ensuring accurate component placement and consistent product builds. This can significantly reduce the overall project lead time.

4. Quality Assurance: Many manufacturers take quality seriously, implementing robust procedures that guarantee product reliability. These manufacturers often utilize sophisticated testing methods, including X-ray inspection, Hipot testing, in-circuit testing, and automated testing equipment.

Consigned PCB Assembly Service

PCB Assembly

Consigned PCB assembly offers a mutually beneficial solution, we provide full or partial assembly services using customer-supplied parts. For partial consigned assembly, you provide some components and we supply the rest. Regardless of whether you choose a fully consigned or a partially consigned PCB assembly, we are committed to fulfilling your specific needs and maintaining the quality of the end product.

Consigned PCB Assembly Capabilities

1. We offer both single and double-sided standard leaded assemblies.
2. Our advanced surface mount technology equipment enables us to fulfill highly complex technology requirements, including BGA, uBGA, CSP, and small profiles down to 0201.
3. Our team is skilled in assembling boards with plated through-hole components. Our experts possess extensive experience in hand assembly, adhering to the IPC 610 Class 3 standard, which represents the highest level of workmanship.
4. If your project necessitates mixed assemblies, combining surface mount and plated through-hole PCBs, we are fully equipped to handle such requirements.
5. Apart from these capabilities, we offer a wide range of special processes, such as Pb88, Au80, high melting point solder, selective wave soldering, conformal coating, X-ray inspection, and flying probe testing. These processes ensure the production of top-quality PCBs.
6. Additionally, we provide box build, cable, and harness assemblies to meet your specific application needs. Our detailed inventory process guarantees the availability of required parts prior to assembly.
7. All parts needed for assembly are stored in our temperature-controlled stockroom.
8. Our advanced warehousing services ensure timely availability of parts and components for upcoming projects.
9. We perform the entire PCB assembly in-house at our well-equipped facility, enabling us to offer quick turnaround times for both prototyping and full volume production.

Why Choose Consignment Services from Fastlink?

At Fastlink, we employ fully automated machinery for all assembly tasks, including component placement, soldering, stencil printing, automated optical inspection, and testing for defects such as cracks and voids. This automation allows us to assemble intricate and precise small-sized circuit boards, with specifications ranging from 0.3mm to 0.5mm.

Choosing Fastlink for your consigned or partially consigned PCB assembly projects means you benefit from our competitive pricing. We have implemented rigorous quality control measures, encompassing various tests and inspections like In-Circuit Testing (ICT), X-ray inspection, and automated optical inspection. Our commitment to quality ensures that the PCBs you receive not only meet but also exceed your application requirements in terms of precision and reliability.